Professionals play in your team 
When the success of your company is important to you  -
get the professional accounting services from The Armstrong Group!
We will arrange your accountancy  according to the valid laws and good accustoms.
Monthly reports will give you clear overview of the company's development, the costs and possible profit.

Accounting services include:

  • control of the primary documents
  • Calculation of the basic assets
  • Cashflow calculation
  • Analytical calculation of purchases and sales
  • Calculation of wages with everything included
  • Printouts of the composed accountancy
  • Communication with the client and reports by e-mail, consultations
  • Tax returns; communication with the IRS and health insurance fund.

Accounting services for self-employed entrepreneurs include:

  • montly book-keeping
  • accounting sercives once a year
  • Both versions include entering data to tax declaration

Monthly accounting service is recommended to self-employed entrepreneurs, who have rather significant amount of documents or who are obligated to pay VAT.

Once a year service is meant for self-employed entrepreneurs, who only have few documents in their book-keeping.

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