Professionals play in your team 
Armstrong Group provides accounting services since the beginning of 2008, though our financial specialists have been on the field and have the experience for many years.

Armstrong Group accounting provides services to small, medium and big enterprises. Our services are addressed towards the companies where there is no need to hire a stationary accountant.

Our goal is to help our clients successflully navigate all their paperwork in accordance to the national and international laws.

Why should you choose the accounting services of Armstrong Group:

  • precise and strong work-ethics
  • several years experience in arranging accounting for different size enterprises
  • we listen carefully to our clients wishes, appreciate their interests and answer immediately
  • we can offer several solutions and give you advice
  • we guarantee reliable and regular accountancy
  • the accounting we deliver to your company is regular and reflects correct economical results
  • our employees constant development and education on the field

At the end of the month we delivere to You special Monthly Statement, that reflects changes of all accounts, and lets You to compare different months with each other, to find better solutions.

Our mission:
Contemporary solutions in nowadays business-world
  To offer every client sturdy backservice - reflecting your business according to all valid laws and supply you with financial reports that allow you to increase the company profit and achieve your entrepreneurial visions. 
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